The Magical Creation Box

This is another method of focusing on the things you desire and  is similar to using a vision board.  Use it when you want to give the Universe more specific details about what you want out of life.

I learned this method from a very interesting book I am reading at the moment called
Ask and it is Given.” Learning to Manifest the Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Thanks Abraham.

Getting started: First find yourself a nice looking box. Any box that appeals to you is fine. Make sure it’s a decent size!

Write on it the words “Whatever is contained in this box – IS!

Next, gather magazines and catalogues and begin cutting out pictures of things that exemplify any desires that you hold. Clothes, cars, furniture, images of physical characteristics, overseas holidays; anything that appeals to you. Place the cut outs in your box. If you witness something you’d like to experience, write it down and put it in the box too. You get the idea. The more you clip the better you’ll feel. You can also put mental images into your box. A blue sky, a sunny day, happy people or a great trip. If you like it, put it in your magical creation box.

The Law of Attraction delivers what you think about, and so this is a powerful process as it helps you to visualise. The more ideas you drop into your box, the more your desire will be focused and your dreams will begin to manifest.

Great photo by Plutor

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