Coral’s Journey

Moving day

I started this blog in September 2008  at the end of another wet, cold winter in NZ. We had been chasing our goal of financial freedom for eight years and we still weren’t financially free nor had we  moved to Australia (our second goal) and then, when we had quit our jobs and were definitely going to go come hell or high water, we couldn’t sell our house. It had been on the market for ten months.

Our adventure had started in 2001 when I first heard Robert Kiyosaki talking about his new book  “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, on the radio. I was instantly taken by the concept of financial freedom. To cut a long story short, we followed Rich Dad’s advice and built a ‘positive cash flow’ property portfolio, buying property under market value until prices rose and made it impossible to do this any longer. We didn’t have nearly enough passive income to live on.

Around 2006 we started a motorhome hire company. The business experience this gave us was invaluable and we operated it successfully for a couple of years. Business is a good way to make money to put into real estate, but financial freedom was as elusive as ever.

All this time we concentrated on becoming more self-developed. Many books, lots of courses and several years later, we joined Kurek Ashley’s “Life Success” Club.” This was just what we needed at the time. We were so close to achieving our goals, but just couldn’t figure out the final few steps!

Finally we discovered the “Law of Attraction.” Your life is a direct result of your thoughts; you have the ability to create your future as you want it to be.

Using all our knowledge and these strategies together, along with the amazing power of visualisation, magically things began to happen. The house sold on Christmas day;  I’d already booked the airfares and we moved to Australia before the house even settled!  Shortly afterwards we started a property investment company with a partner in the USA. Not quite finacially free yet, but at least we now lived somewhere warmer!!

I love this brilliant quote from Brian Tracey:  It says it all…

“The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the
short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long
term, is the indispensable pre-requisite for success.“

All the best on your journey!

~CoralM, CEO of Own Life


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  1. I too am a Kiyosaki Fan, I teach Casflow 101 at thr Fort Wayne, In USA Women’s enterprise. I is a great teaching tool to get your mind out of the rat race. I also am a Business Coach for SCORE Senior Corp of Retired Executives in Fort Wayne. We teach people to “Mind Their Own Business”
    God Bless

    Sweet Old Brad

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