Mistakes Which May Keep You Poor

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

I find FaceBook excellent for keeping up with my favourite mentors. One of these is Brian Tracy who is a Canadian Entrepreneur. Brian is an author, public speaker and a personal and professional development trainer.

Today I watched a YouTube clip where he was talking about some of the reasons that keep people poor.
According to him the first mistake is:

1. It never occurs to them to become wealthy…

The majority of people have never met or known anyone who is wealthy. They don’t know anyone wealthy at home, school or work. They socialise with people just like them and it never even crosses their minds that it is possible to get wealthy. They have no wealthy role models. They never take any of the steps necessary to make wealth a reality.

Here are four other mistakes:

2. They don’t decide to be successful

3. They procrastinate….always putting it off to some time in the future

4. They have an inability to delay gratification. They spend all their money

5. They have a lack of time perspective. They can’t plan for the future

Food for thought!

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