Giving Back to Society

Myanmar Chin girlThis little cutie and her family are former refugees from Myanmar (Burma).

This year I signed up with Refugee Services as a volunteer worker, and was appointed to a newly arrived Myanmar Chin family.  It has been a very rewarding experience to help and support  them as they assimilate into a new culture.

I believe that when we’re successful in life we should give back to society and help others less fortunate. Bill Gates and Richard Branson (and many others), who have much more money than they could ever spend, are doing great things to help the world. They can afford to! But even if you’re not in their category you can still do something to help as I’m doing.

I love Napolean Hill’s quote: “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

May 2013 be a healthy, happy and successful year for you. Happy New Year!

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Time to Invest in Property

Click on link below to read a great article from Robert Kiyosaki’s blog (Rich Dad Poor Dad).
Richard Duncan writes:

“After six years and an average nationwide decline of 34%, it seems pretty probable that US home prices have bottomed. This, therefore, should be a good time to invest in rental property. In fact, at this stage, I believe that an investment in rental property offers better prospects than either stocks or gold.”
Sorry for that long url!
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Early December Ramblings

Kayaking in NZHello again!

I knew that I couldn’t stay away. Why pay $10 a year for a domain name and not use it? Also, when you’re ‘financially free’ and don’t have to go to work, what are you going to do with your spare time (apart from playing with your doodads & hanging out on facebook)? Might as well blog.

You know,  it is so totally worth having  several years of discipline to get out of the rat race altogether. Start as soon as you can.

My ten year old son & his cousins are into the CashFlow game now and they love it…they are turning into savvy investors without  even knowing it! In fact, they enjoy the game so much that the other day they chose to play it instead of going out on their motorbikes (they live on a farm)!!!

It’s aversion to risk that stop people moving forward. I didn’t know it, but our families were all freaked out by the risks we took on our journey! Now they are freaking out about us buying doodads! I remember when I bought my lovely Alfa Romeo (yes, a very big doodad, sadly sold when we moved to Australia) my mother thought we had gone quite mad. They had got used to us being pretty frugal.

You have to believe in something greater that is guiding you. Watch “The Secret.”. We watch it often. I am an absolute fan of Robert Kiyosaki too…he may not be perfect but his advice is invaluable. I’m sure those people who bad-mouth him aren’t out of the rat race. Anyway, he probably laughs all the way to the bank.

It is always hard to find photos to go with ramblings so maybe you’d like a picture of some doodads (kayaks). It feels kinda weird spending money on something like that but hey, I can get used to it!

Happy summer 🙂

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Time To Go – I Mean It


This is the second time I have tried to wind-up this blog. I’ll try again!! I wanted to tell others that it is possible to achieve financial freedom. We had a long way to go and I sometimes doubted that we would make it. We got stuck for a while but we persevered and finally, when we got the Law of Attraction involved, all of our dreams manifested!

Now we are financially free we can do all the fun stuff we put off. We can buy the doodads without the guilty conscience! It is definitely worth the sacrifices.

I once saw a website of a guy who stopped blogging when he achieved financial freedom. It just had a big clock which counted the years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds that he had been ‘out of the rat race’!!

I’m afraid that I’m not that technical. I’m just going to say “good bye, good luck, thanks for reading my blog and all the best for the future”. Follow your dreams and Never Give Up!


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Abraham’s Teachings in a Nut Shell

 Abraham says:

1. You Are a Physical Extension of That Which is Non-physical.

2. You Are Here in This Body Because You Chose to Be Here.

3. The Basis of Your Life is Freedom; the Purpose of Your Life is Joy.

For more teachings and information on Abraham check out the Abraham-Hicks website.

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Quote on Life ~ James Freeman Clarke

“We are either progressing or retrograding all the while; there is no such thing as remaining stationary in this life.”

~James Freeman Clarke

Or, as Kurek Ashley likes to say, ” we are either evolving or dissolving!”

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Quote on Greatness ~ Napolean Hill

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”

~ Napolean Hill

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In the Land of the Long White Cloud

Home again! Noosa seems like a dream.

I am afraid I didn’t follow my own advice on dealing with adversity, and was really down for a while. I loved living in Queensland. However we have now settled back into life in NZ and have even found NZ’s version of Sunshine Beach, albeit a lot colder and rockier!!

Luckily we hadn’t chucked out all of our warm clothes and blankets. We have already had to light a fire for warmth. Not used to that!

I don’t like the earthquakes . Our son felt his first one last night; he said “are you rocking the sofa Mum?” I said “no, I’m in the kitchen!!!!”

So, now I want to  catch up on my reading. “Happier than God” by Neale Donald Walsch, is calling, followed by another Seth book which I have had for ages and haven’t read, so I will sign off for now.

Take care.

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Moving across the Tasman AGAIN

Who would have believed it? We are returning to New Zealand in January! I guess we achieved our goal of moving to Queensland, even if we are moving back again!!

In 2001 the Australian Government changed the law so NZers immigrating to Oz are only temporary residents unless they are aged under 45 years (ooops, I am just past that) and have a skill that Australia wants e.g brain surgeon or good rugby player (I’m not on that list either). 🙂

This means that the boat people who are streaming into the country have more rights than us as they are granted permanent residency status.

Our 9 year old son is also affected by this law so we have decided that, for his sake, the best thing to do is move back to the “Shaky Isles” (so named because of all the earthquakes) and when he grows up (and becomes a brain surgeon) he can always return.

Sunshine Beach has been great and we’ve made some good friends, but it’s time to go. The universe obviously has more adventures in store for us!!  I will keep you posted…

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Update on Outsourcing


Taj Mahal, Agra, India.

I thought you may be interested in how we are getting on with outsourcing our bookkeeping work to India!

Actually it is going well after a shaky start. Our first bookkeepers were not very good but we have now changed to another company who are friendly, efficient, contactable and all for a fraction of what we would pay in Australia. We just collate the information and upload it to a FTP site. Easy!!

Despite it working out for us, I would not really recommend you try outsourcing. I don’t want blood on my hands!!

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Happy Blog

Hello again at last! Yes, I’m still here. Life has been pretty busy lately 🙂

I found this blog by Samantha Marie….take a look..I love her article on “Pursuit of Happiness”  Here is a poem from it:


“Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final”     

—  Rainer Maria Rilke

That’s all  for now. Have a happy day.

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Astrology & the LOA

We build our future thought by thought,
For good or ill, yet know it not.
Yet, so the universe was wrought.
Thought is another name for fate;
Choose, then, thy destiny and wait,
For love brings love and hate brings hate.

~ Henry Van Dyke

 I was interested in astrology many years ago but grew to find it wanting. I felt it gave too much power away and I couldn’t reconcile it with my beliefs in the Law of Attraction and ‘creating your own reality’.

Then, I ran into a fantastic webpage belonging to astrologer,  Kim Falconer. She believes we are born at a particular time because of who we are. Her explanation of Astrology & the Law of Attraction makes sense to me and I appreciate the different viewpoint.

Jeanette Maw has also written an interesting ezine article on the subject (Kim links to this too). It is called Choose Your Astrology Wisely.

If you have an issue with how astrology fits in with LOA, I hope you find these articles enlightening. I did!  Thank you Kim and Jeanette.

P.S  The lovely verse above is also from Kim’s website.

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Feeling So Good!

I thought I’d tell you more about Abraham:

As I have mentioned before, Abraham is a group of non physical entities who want us to have a fantastic life! Sounding good? They speak through Esther Hicks, hence the name Abraham-Hicks.

I’m really enjoying reading “Ask and it is Given” and what I am learning ties in amazingly well with the other books I’ve read… Wallace D. WattlesDr Wayne Dyer and “The Secret” among others.

Abraham is big on the Law of Attraction and is actually where the source material for “The Secret” came from.

Over the years I have read many self-help books with a myraid of different theories. You  are asked to make lists of thoughts and feelings,  remember to say affirmations and take actions etc etc and then you’ll be rich and successful. Who has time for all this?  Isn’t there a short cut? Luckily Abraham have one… your breathing.

This is one of the reasons I love Abraham. They make everything easy: only meditate for 15 minutes a day (life is for living); you don’t necessarily have to take action…in fact their only real gentle suggestions are to feel good, breathe more deeply and drink more water!
The other thing I love about Abraham is their rather dry sense of humour!

I recommend you read “Ask and it is Given.” It has 20 great, easy processes you can use to make yourseld feel better. Feeling better is the key; reaching for a ‘better feeling’ thought. I especially like the “Rampage of Appreciation” where you find more & more things to appreciate; and the  The Magical Creation Box is fun!

Abraham have also have produced a wonderful guided meditation CD and handbook called “Getting in the Vortex”. (The Vortex is coming into alignment with the Energy of our Source.)  It has 4 meditations: one on general well-being; one on financial well-being; one on physical well-being and one on relationships. And guess what?  They are only 15 minutes long!!

If you are on this path, go to the Abraham-Hicks webpage and see their many resources.

You’ll be feeling so good!

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Quote ~ “Life’s Purpose”

The Basis of Your Life is Freedom; the Purpose of Your Life is Joy.

~ Abraham-Hicks

Abraham has described themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension” (which helps a lot!). They have also said, “We are that which you are. You are the leading edge of that which we are. We are that which is at the heart of all religions.”

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So Long, Time to Wrap Things Up

It has been a very long time since I updated this blog. Although we are STILL not quite financially free we are getting there! The principles we followed are still good but the GFC has affected our plans in a big way. So, I will not be posting regularly from now on.

My interests are now a lot more spiritual. We wouldn’t have got this far without a lot of divine guidance!!


Anyway, this is the story so far:

  • I discovered Robert Kiyosaki and we read his books avidly. We bought the game “CashFlow 101” which is brilliant
  • We paid a top investor (with the same philosophies as Rich Dad) to mentor us for a year or so
  • I became a Real Estate Salesperson. Rich Dad said “learn how to sell”
  • We bought two cash flow positive properties in Auckland and added to our income stream by adding minor dwellings to both of them
  • We built a motorhome company and ran it for several years
  • We joined Kurek Ashley’s “Life Success Club” and listened to Success CD ‘s every night of the week
  • We read many, many books on investing
  • We attended lots of seminars on investing: Dolf de Roos, Robert Kiyosaki, Brad Sugars, ESC  to name a few
  • Finally we threw caution to the winds, sold everything and moved to Australia
  • We bought several ‘pre-foreclosure’ properties in the USA for cash flow

We were fortunate  that we could buy some cheap houses in the USA. These houses were purchased well below market value so provide passive income now, and will provide capital gain when we sell.

So, not quite, but nearly there!

Follow your dreams …at the end of the day, remember we were sent here to have fun!

All the best!

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Investing in the USA


We cut our teeth in real estate investing way back (it seems a lifetime ago!) when we lived in New Zealand. In Auckland we had four houses which we had fully managed. Over the years they gave us good positive cash flow and the only reason we sold them in the end was because we were immigrating to Australia.

We had been planning on starting a real estate portfolio in Australia but prices were too high. Looking off-shore we found the perfect opportunity; we had just the experience for investing in real estate in the USA.

There is massive opportunity to buy houses well below their market value in the USA and Australian investors have started snapping them up. The Australian dollar is now very strong against the US dollar making the deals even more attractive to the investors Down Under! Fortunes are made in bad times.

Personally, we now have several properties in the Mid West, giving good returns.  Rich dad would’ve been proud of us!

This type of investment is not for everyone and there is a certain amount of risk, one being exchage rate risk.  We don’t have a crystal ball (wouldn’t one of those be handy?!!)  but it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am not an advisor in any way, shape or form,  so do your homework thoroughly before making any decisions.

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Outsourcing to India

What is Outsourcing??

” Outsourcing” is all about farming your work out to have it done cheaper overseas. It’s a good way of avoiding the high prices charged for western services (e.g accountants, PA’s etc). In fact I believe that the Indians, being very entrepreneurial, will do just about anything to ‘make it happen’!

Timothy Ferriss discusses outsourcing your life in his book “The 4-Hour Workweek“. His is a very entertaining story told by his friend, AJ, involving a PA called “Honey.” I’ll let you read it for yourselves at his blog above.

Needless to say, we just had to try this method! The photo on the left shows our Indian Accounting Team in Bangalore! (Yes, our trip to India was a ‘business trip’!!) They do all our bookeeping and tax returns too. They seem to know what they’re doing and are certainly a lot cheaper than their USA and Australian counterparts.

One friend tried ‘outsourcing’ his web design business but quality control was an issue. Another friend has an Indian do a lot of groundwork for his real estate investing business and has found him very efficient. So, some are good and some not so good.

Also, you would’ve all seen the Commonwealth Games fiasco. Remember, India is different and it is a third world country. You can put up with the craziness when you’re there on holiday, but you don’t want those hassles when you are doing business.

If you want to try outsourcing your own life, see what Tim Ferriss has to say.

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Life ~ Quote from Helen Keller

“Avoiding danger is no safer
In the long run
Than outright exposure…
Life is either a daring adventure
Or it is nothing.”

~ Helen Keller

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Investing Rules ~ Richard Branson

Julie Broad from the BiggerPockets Blog has put together an interesting article on Sir Richard Branson. She has taken some of his philosophies, primarily taken from the book “Screw It, Let’s Do It” and applied them to real estate investing.

When you are taking advice always look at the person who is giving it to you. Do they have experience? Have they “walked the walk”? As “Rich Dad” said “Free advice is often the most expensive advice”.

So, when you are taking tips on investing, pick some-one who has been there. There could be no better choice than Richard Branson!

Five of these lessons are:

1. Just Do It

2. Be Bold but Don’t Gamble

3. Have fun! Life is too short to be unhappy

4. Have respect

5. Do things with POW/Shazam

Here’s the article: Real Estate Investing Rules

Great shot by gultaggen

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“The Secret” Website Updated!

I have seen the Secret website many times, so was pleasantly surprised to find it has had a face lift  and new material has been added.

Included is The Secret Greats which I am sure you’ll find interesting. It features Buddha, Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill, amongst others.

Remember, you create your own reality. There are many books on this subject. I recommend “Ask and it is Given”  by Abraham-Hicks . It gives some great strategies which are easy to use e.g  “The Magical Creation Box“.

Another interesting book on creating your own reality  is entitled “Seth Speaks” channeled by Jane Roberts.

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