What is Your Attitude to Money?

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I recently read that your wealth, or lack of wealth, is all to do with your attitude to money. I suddenly thought, well, is that true? I am now financially free but what is my attitude to money? Has it had anything to do with it?

When does it start? Are you born with an innate attitude to money? Sounds silly I know, but as a little girl I always was very careful with money, carefully squirreling away my birthday present cash, whereas my sister, just 18 months younger than me, was just the opposite. If she had a buck in her pocket she just had to spend it!

Or is it your parents influence? My mum was brought up in Scotland and was extremely tight with money, as were all her family. When we were kids, if we went away on a rare trip with her, she would always book us in to the cheapest, self-catering motel she could find, usually in some grotty back street where we would be too scared to go outside at night!
Even now, though she is relatively well off, she can’t help pinching pennies to the extremes where she takes delight in wearing second hand clothes and, when travelling, takes a bottle of ready mixed gin & tonic with her, so she doesn’t have to pay for a drink in a restaurant!

Dad had a totally different attitude. Whatever his financial status,  he acted like a well-to-do Englishman. He would always book into a five star hotel when travelling, and we would have dinner in a top restaurant and order a bottle or two of Moet. We liked going away with him!

Amazing these two ever got together in the first place with these wildly different attitudes!!

There are plenty of other people who could’ve played a part in our attitudes too…relatives, school friends, teachers, work mates etc.  Also, what we read etc

I don’t think that my attitudes necessarily came from my parents. I think they more came from what I read. I value money but I am not frugal and I don’t wear second hand clothes; I drive my mother-in-laws old car (this is a temporary arrangement!!); I think 5 star hotels are extravagant; I love travelling in Asia where I get more bang for my buck , and I make sure we always eat healthy, good quality food..

This is an enlightening exercise . It is also interesting to consider the differing attitudes between rich and poor. This will be a later post!!

Have a happy day. ~CoralM

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