Adversity ~ A New Approach

Abraham ButterflyAnother post and so soon! My patient followers will be in shock!

I just had this real urge today to write something more about adversity. Over the months and years I have blogged about all sorts of things to do with being financially free, successful and happy. Do you  know what my most popular post of all time is?

It is 6 Steps For Coping With Adversity. I wrote this way back in 2009 and still think it’s valid. Just recently, I sent it to a friend who is having a hard time, and he found it helpful. Why are so many people are suffering when the purpose of our life is to be joyful?

Ok. Well, it has happened. You have gone down the slippery slope for whatever reason and are unhappy, depressed and now really need to take action to get yourself back on top of things again.

Try something different. Have you heard of Abraham Hicks? They have described themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension!” They are channelled by Esther Hicks, hence the name.
Being totally objective, and having our well-being at heart, Abraham have some very useful, comprehensive and helpful steps to take to get you to a better feeling place. These steps are called the emotional guidance system.

Read this article from the “Discovering Peace” website called the Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale. It comes from their wonderful book called “Ask and It Is Given” and is all about finding a better feeling emotion step by step, from Depression all the way up to Joy.

Also, have a look at their website Abraham Hicks. Sign up for the free daily quote; maybe even buy their book. They have a good, rather dry sense of humour which always helps 🙂

Remember, life is meant to be joyful. All is Well.

Hope this helps.

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