Early December Ramblings

Kayaking in NZHello again!

I knew that I couldn’t stay away. Why pay $10 a year for a domain name and not use it? Also, when you’re ‘financially free’ and don’t have to go to work, what are you going to do with your spare time (apart from playing with your doodads & hanging out on facebook)? Might as well blog.

You know,  it is so totally worth having  several years of discipline to get out of the rat race altogether. Start as soon as you can.

My ten year old son & his cousins are into the CashFlow game now and they love it…they are turning into savvy investors without  even knowing it! In fact, they enjoy the game so much that the other day they chose to play it instead of going out on their motorbikes (they live on a farm)!!!

It’s aversion to risk that stop people moving forward. I didn’t know it, but our families were all freaked out by the risks we took on our journey! Now they are freaking out about us buying doodads! I remember when I bought my lovely Alfa Romeo (yes, a very big doodad, sadly sold when we moved to Australia) my mother thought we had gone quite mad. They had got used to us being pretty frugal.

You have to believe in something greater that is guiding you. Watch “The Secret.”. We watch it often. I am an absolute fan of Robert Kiyosaki too…he may not be perfect but his advice is invaluable. I’m sure those people who bad-mouth him aren’t out of the rat race. Anyway, he probably laughs all the way to the bank.

It is always hard to find photos to go with ramblings so maybe you’d like a picture of some doodads (kayaks). It feels kinda weird spending money on something like that but hey, I can get used to it!

Happy summer 🙂

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