Time To Go – I Mean It


This is the second time I have tried to wind-up this blog. I’ll try again!! I wanted to tell others that it is possible to achieve financial freedom. We had a long way to go and I sometimes doubted that we would make it. We got stuck for a while but we persevered and finally, when we got the Law of Attraction involved, all of our dreams manifested!

Now we are financially free we can do all the fun stuff we put off. We can buy the doodads without the guilty conscience! It is definitely worth the sacrifices.

I once saw a website of a guy who stopped blogging when he achieved financial freedom. It just had a big clock which counted the years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds that he had been ‘out of the rat race’!!

I’m afraid that I’m not that technical. I’m just going to say “good bye, good luck, thanks for reading my blog and all the best for the future”. Follow your dreams and Never Give Up!


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