In the Land of the Long White Cloud

Home again! Noosa seems like a dream.

I am afraid I didn’t follow my own advice on dealing with adversity, and was really down for a while. I loved living in Queensland. However we have now settled back into life in NZ and have even found NZ’s version of Sunshine Beach, albeit a lot colder and rockier!!

Luckily we hadn’t chucked out all of our warm clothes and blankets. We have already had to light a fire for warmth. Not used to that!

I don’t like the earthquakes . Our son felt his first one last night; he said “are you rocking the sofa Mum?” I said “no, I’m in the kitchen!!!!”

So, now I want to  catch up on my reading. “Happier than God” by Neale Donald Walsch, is calling, followed by another Seth book which I have had for ages and haven’t read, so I will sign off for now.

Take care.

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