Moving across the Tasman AGAIN

Who would have believed it? We are returning to New Zealand in January! I guess we achieved our goal of moving to Queensland, even if we are moving back again!!

In 2001 the Australian Government changed the law so NZers immigrating to Oz are only temporary residents unless they are aged under 45 years (ooops, I am just past that) and have a skill that Australia wants e.g brain surgeon or good rugby player (I’m not on that list either). 🙂

This means that the boat people who are streaming into the country have more rights than us as they are granted permanent residency status.

Our 9 year old son is also affected by this law so we have decided that, for his sake, the best thing to do is move back to the “Shaky Isles” (so named because of all the earthquakes) and when he grows up (and becomes a brain surgeon) he can always return.

Sunshine Beach has been great and we’ve made some good friends, but it’s time to go. The universe obviously has more adventures in store for us!!  I will keep you posted…

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