Feeling So Good!

I thought I’d tell you more about Abraham:

As I have mentioned before, Abraham is a group of non physical entities who want us to have a fantastic life! Sounding good? They speak through Esther Hicks, hence the name Abraham-Hicks.

I’m really enjoying reading “Ask and it is Given” and what I am learning ties in amazingly well with the other books I’ve read… Wallace D. WattlesDr Wayne Dyer and “The Secret” among others.

Abraham is big on the Law of Attraction and is actually where the source material for “The Secret” came from.

Over the years I have read many self-help books with a myraid of different theories. You  are asked to make lists of thoughts and feelings,  remember to say affirmations and take actions etc etc and then you’ll be rich and successful. Who has time for all this?  Isn’t there a short cut? Luckily Abraham have one… your breathing.

This is one of the reasons I love Abraham. They make everything easy: only meditate for 15 minutes a day (life is for living); you don’t necessarily have to take action…in fact their only real gentle suggestions are to feel good, breathe more deeply and drink more water!
The other thing I love about Abraham is their rather dry sense of humour!

I recommend you read “Ask and it is Given.” It has 20 great, easy processes you can use to make yourseld feel better. Feeling better is the key; reaching for a ‘better feeling’ thought. I especially like the “Rampage of Appreciation” where you find more & more things to appreciate; and the  The Magical Creation Box is fun!

Abraham have also have produced a wonderful guided meditation CD and handbook called “Getting in the Vortex”. (The Vortex is coming into alignment with the Energy of our Source.)  It has 4 meditations: one on general well-being; one on financial well-being; one on physical well-being and one on relationships. And guess what?  They are only 15 minutes long!!

If you are on this path, go to the Abraham-Hicks webpage and see their many resources.

You’ll be feeling so good!

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