So Long, Time to Wrap Things Up

It has been a very long time since I updated this blog. Although we are STILL not quite financially free we are getting there! The principles we followed are still good but the GFC has affected our plans in a big way. So, I will not be posting regularly from now on.

My interests are now a lot more spiritual. We wouldn’t have got this far without a lot of divine guidance!!


Anyway, this is the story so far:

  • I discovered Robert Kiyosaki and we read his books avidly. We bought the game “CashFlow 101” which is brilliant
  • We paid a top investor (with the same philosophies as Rich Dad) to mentor us for a year or so
  • I became a Real Estate Salesperson. Rich Dad said “learn how to sell”
  • We bought two cash flow positive properties in Auckland and added to our income stream by adding minor dwellings to both of them
  • We built a motorhome company and ran it for several years
  • We joined Kurek Ashley’s “Life Success Club” and listened to Success CD ‘s every night of the week
  • We read many, many books on investing
  • We attended lots of seminars on investing: Dolf de Roos, Robert Kiyosaki, Brad Sugars, ESC  to name a few
  • Finally we threw caution to the winds, sold everything and moved to Australia
  • We bought several ‘pre-foreclosure’ properties in the USA for cash flow

We were fortunate  that we could buy some cheap houses in the USA. These houses were purchased well below market value so provide passive income now, and will provide capital gain when we sell.

So, not quite, but nearly there!

Follow your dreams …at the end of the day, remember we were sent here to have fun!

All the best!

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