Investing in the USA


We cut our teeth in real estate investing way back (it seems a lifetime ago!) when we lived in New Zealand. In Auckland we had four houses which we had fully managed. Over the years they gave us good positive cash flow and the only reason we sold them in the end was because we were immigrating to Australia.

We had been planning on starting a real estate portfolio in Australia but prices were too high. Looking off-shore we found the perfect opportunity; we had just the experience for investing in real estate in the USA.

There is massive opportunity to buy houses well below their market value in the USA and Australian investors have started snapping them up. The Australian dollar is now very strong against the US dollar making the deals even more attractive to the investors Down Under! Fortunes are made in bad times.

Personally, we now have several properties in the Mid West, giving good returns.  Rich dad would’ve been proud of us!

This type of investment is not for everyone and there is a certain amount of risk, one being exchage rate risk.  We don’t have a crystal ball (wouldn’t one of those be handy?!!)  but it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am not an advisor in any way, shape or form,  so do your homework thoroughly before making any decisions.

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