Investing Rules ~ Richard Branson

Julie Broad from the BiggerPockets Blog has put together an interesting article on Sir Richard Branson. She has taken some of his philosophies, primarily taken from the book “Screw It, Let’s Do It” and applied them to real estate investing.

When you are taking advice always look at the person who is giving it to you. Do they have experience? Have they “walked the walk”? As “Rich Dad” said “Free advice is often the most expensive advice”.

So, when you are taking tips on investing, pick some-one who has been there. There could be no better choice than Richard Branson!

Five of these lessons are:

1. Just Do It

2. Be Bold but Don’t Gamble

3. Have fun! Life is too short to be unhappy

4. Have respect

5. Do things with POW/Shazam

Here’s the article: Real Estate Investing Rules

Great shot by gultaggen

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