Dream Books & Vision Boards

To manifest your dreams you must convince your subconcious mind that they have already been achieved. To do this you must visualise them as though you already have them. Make a ‘mental movie’ and play it over and over. Your subconcious mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not. It will pick up on the things you hold in your mind and make them reality.

A couple of great strategies to help  you visualise your goals are  “Dream Books” and “Vision Boards”. We were introduced to these techniques by Kurek Ashley, an Australian based “Life Success Coach” and founder of the “Life Success Club”.

Dream Books

These are just small notebooks…we had one each and we carried these around with us for years. In them we’d written our dreams, goals and intentions,  as well as motivational quotes and anything else we felt important to us on on our journey to self-improvement and achieving financial freedom. We read each others books now and then to make sure we were striving for the same things! Double power.

My book included my goals with dates to have achieved them by,  ‘my purpose for achieving my goals’, ‘my purpose in life’ and how I wanted my life to be in all areas, in bold colours! It also contained several affirmations. One I liked was: “Life is so good, life is so easy, all good things come to me”.  I read these at least once a day and visualised my goals as if I already had them, then I gave thanks for receiving  them. Gratitude is very powerful.

Vision Boards

Our vision boards sat on our dining room table so we couldn’t help but see them every day. We had two boards with pictures and photos of what we wanted in life pinned all over them. One was for the future life we dreamed of in Australia (the above photo of me and our son on Noosa Beach was pinned on this board. We now live near here and swim at this beach!), the home we wanted, lifestyle, friends etc;  and another vision board for other things we wanted to do in life  e.g travel to Africa, South America and Cuba, drive sports cars, own a boat etc
Soon the pictures became so familiar we could see them with our eyes closed.  With these and our dream books the universe was certainly left in no doubt what we wanted!

Then we saw “The Secret” and realised that we had been using the Law of Attraction all along without realising it. Visualisation is the key. Now we knew exactly what to do we visualised like crazy and our dreams rapidly began to manifest themselves.

NB. If  you are making your own vision board make sure that you are included in the photos you use (even if it means cutting out tiny pictures of yourself to glue on to them!). The universe will give you what you think about. If  you concentrate on an empty sportscar, you will never be in it! Wave as you see it driving the other way down the street!

Looking back at our dream books now, we are amazed by how a lot of the things we had visualised were achieved, eerily near the dates we had set.  The vision boards made visualising our desires much easier. We were immersed in them.

We still use our dream books. Not all our goals have manifested yet, but we know they will come.

Try these simple techniques. You may not achieve your goals overnight (though the universe does like speed!), but commit to them and watch the magic happen!

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