Kurek Ashley; Life Success Coach

Life Success ClubIf you are serious about achieving your life goals, why not get a  professional
“Life Success Coach”?

Kurek Ashley was a successful Hollywood actor. When his life took a turn for the worse and he found himself  at rock-bottom, he was forced to re-assess and re-build his life. He formulated a method for achieving peak performance based on hard experience. Subsequently he moved from the USA to Brisbane, Australia and became a Peak Performance and Life Success  Coach, running seminars and teaching personal development, amongst other things.

Still on our never-ending quest for personal growth and financial freedom, my husband attended a weekend seminar of Kurek’s in Auckland, NZ, which culminated in firewalking! This was a life-changing experience for him.
We wouldn’t usually join a group like this, but Kurek’s philosophies struck a chord and we decided to join his Life Success Club.

Every night for over a year we listened to CD’s from Kurek. He introduced a new CD with new subjects every month. They covered all sorts of ‘strategies for taking your life to a higher level, mentally, financially, physically and spiritually‘.
Listening to the same thing 30 days in a row makes sure that it sinks in!! There was also an “action track” to do. It was very effective and we felt a lot happier too.

As we became more personally developed we felt confident enough to make some life-changing decisions. Using Kurek’s teachings (his “Thoughts create Actions which create Results”, is the “Law of Attraction”, which we also used), we eventually made the leap of faith; quit our jobs, sold everything and moved to Australia (our first major goal) with our young son.

Sunny Queensland is better than we imagined. We are achieving our goals and manifesting our dreams due, in no small part, to Kurek. We are deeply indebted to him for this.

Thank you Kurek.

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