101 Ways to Feel Happy

Happy facesFeeling low or even downright sad?

Have a look at this comprehensive list of suggestions  to make yourself happy, written by Annabel Candy, of  “Get In The Hot Spot” fame.  There’s sure to be at least a few ways to bring a smile to your face, from her list of 101 Ways to Feel Happy.

We find a good sing at the top of our voices, does wonders:

“Who Let the Dogs Out” is a great song, along with “I get Knocked Down but I Get up Again” by Chumbawamba.

Our current favourite to sing along to is “Red, Red Wine” by Neil Diamond. Turn up the volume!!

What makes you feel happy?

Pic of my happy boys

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2 Responses to 101 Ways to Feel Happy

  1. Thanks for the mention. That’s funny, I love “I get Knocked Down but I Get up Again” too, I have it looping round my head when I go surfing in big waves:)Great one. Cheers again!

  2. CoralM says:

    @Annabel No worries mate! Thanks for the great ideas.

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