Escape the Rat Race; Read these Books

Great booksHere are ten of the many great titles that helped us on the road to financial freedom:

Rich Dad Poor Dad ~ Robert Kiyosaki
Cash Flow Quadrant ~ Robert Kiyosaki
Retire Young Retire Rich ~ Robert Kiyosaki
Think and Grow Rich ~ Napolean Hill
The Science of Being Rich ~ Wallace D. Wattles
The Secret ~ Rhona Byrne
The Power of Intention ~ Dr Wayne W. Dyer
Conversations with God 1-3 ~ Neale Donald Walsche
Your Best Life Now ~ Joel Osteen
The 4- Hour Workweek ~ Timothy Ferriss

These books have been indispensible to us; a quick precis:

Firstly, Rich Dad paved the way with his lessons on handling money and the importance of being financially literate. A great start.

Napolean Hill introduced the importance of the “Power of the Mind”‘ along with Wallace D. Wattles who had a mental and spiritual approach to getting rich. Wallace D. Wattles ‘thinking stuff’ was an early forerunner to the “Law of Attraction”, a la “The Secret”. The LOA is a very popular concept nowadays and rightfully so, though it’s nothing new.

Dr Wayne Dyer’s book is in a similar vein, the “Power of Intention” being a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. I love his meditation CD, “Getting in the Gap” also.

The “Conversations With God” series is for the open minded. God spoke to Neale Donald Walsche! The  ‘conversation’ is riveting and answers many questions about life, the universe and everything. I really enjoyed these books, though they made my head spin for a while!

Joel Olsteen is a senior pastor at Lakewood Church, Houston. He is quite progressive and open-minded and his book, about living at your full potential, is inspiring.

Tim Ferriss is a radical (in the nicest way of course!) and wraps up this list well. His book, “The 4-Hour Workweek” is about throwing out old outdated concepts and living your life as you want it. He calls it ‘lifestyle design’. Very interesting.

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  1. Cheers! Some more good books for my ever-growing reading list. I need a year off just to get through them all.

  2. CoralM says:

    So much to do, so little time 🙂

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