The “Law of Attraction” Works!

Beautiful Sunshine BeachI’ve got another hot tip for you; the Law of Attraction works!

Now, I’m not going into a lot of detail about LOA here. For that I suggest you read
The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. But, in short, the  LOA states “Like attracts Like” so whatever you think about comes about. Your thoughts create your reality. It’s the secret to life.

Now for all the doubting Thomas’ out there, I thought I’d give you a few examples of what the Law of Attraction has done for us, but firstly I want to say that we were quite a long way along the track to financial freedom by the time we learnt about the LOA, but somehow we couldn’t make the final break-through. The LOA did it for us.

When we first started out we watched “The Secret” DVD over a dozen times. On the DVD Joe Vitale advocates just asking the Universe for what you want “Like you’re ordering it from a catalogue”.
As a test run we decided to ask for $50,000. We had no idea where it was going to come from, but we gave ourselves til the end of the month to achieve this. Only a few days later my husband’s superannuation statement arrived in the mail. There was exactly $50,000 more in the account than we expected. We were blown away!

For several years now we’ve had dream boards (also known as vision boards) on which we’ve pinned pictures of all our goals and dreams. They were on our dining room table so we saw them constantly throughout the day.
One board had all the things we wanted regarding our future life in Australia. The other was more general; places we wanted to visit etc. On it I had a picture of a sportscar that I really liked, with a little picture of me pinned on it (our son called it “tiny mummy”!). Well, within a couple of months I got an Alfa Romeo TS147! The business had done well and my husband decided it was time to reward me for all my efforts! We never spent money on extravangances like this!! I’d driven rust buckets all my life. Wow, I liked this LOA stuff!

See this photo of Sunshine Beach in Queensland, Australia? It was on our dream board. We now live there. We walk on this beach every day. It really is so astounding that we pinch ourselves (well, we pinch each other actually…it’s more fun!) to make sure we’re not dreaming!

You can attract what you want too.  Know what you want and visualise it as though it’s already happened; as if you already have achieved your goal.

Ask, Believe, Receive! It is yours. Good luck!

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