Sick of Work?

Chris Guillebeau has an interesting blog called “The Art of Nonconformity

Consistent with the site name , I found this post entitled How to Retire the Day After Tomorrow

He says that you can plan to retire in approximately 36 hours! Without doing anything drastic, of course!! 🙂 Hate drastic.

He goes on to admit, “Most of us will opt for partial retirement, and that’s because most of us are not working at jobs we completely hate. We just don’t like certain parts of them, and those tasks are what we need to retire from”.

To work out what you really want he suggests you ask yourself the following 5 questions:

Do I need retirement, or just a break?
Do I need a different job, or different circumstances?
Would it help if I could set my own hours?
What do I really enjoy doing at work?
What do I really hate doing at work?

Helpful, as retirement often isn’t the answer unless you are well-prepared and have something in your life to replace work.

You’ll enjoy his unique ideas e.g his ‘what to stop doing’ list! View his article here

Photo by wageslave (the photographer noted than when this photo is in thumbnail form it says ‘more work’!)

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2 Responses to Sick of Work?

  1. Thanks so much for your link and comments on the post. Good luck with financial freedom!

  2. Coral says:

    A comment! 🙂 Thanks Chris.

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