Words of Greatness

Jesus statueIt’s always interesting to read about the great teachers in life, and to realize that much of what they had to say is eternal and still applies today. Think of Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, Einstein…the list goes on.

I just read an excellent post written by Jonathan Mead of The Illuminated Mind.

It’s titled: “7 Lessons From the World’s Greatest Minds” and it includes the above teachers.

One of the reasons I think it’s so good is because Jonathan has included action steps, so you can start incorporating them into your life immediately. Of course, there are many more great lessons, but these seven are a good start.

The Lessons

1. Realizing Your Dreams
2. Overcoming Fear
3. Intention and Desire
4. Happiness
5. Self Acceptance
6. Appreciation and Gratitude
7. The Art of Simplicity

Mastering these will make a tremendous difference to your life!

Photo by Adam Blomberg

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Coral! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to return the favor!


  2. Coral says:

    Thanks Jonathan. Will do!

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