Don’t Wait for the Lights to Turn Green

A lot of people don’t get anywhere in life, as they are always waiting for ‘all the lights to turn green’. They want to have everything perfectly planned out before they make a move and they end up doing nothing. It’s called analysis paralysis.

If you are really serious about doing something you should just do it. Take action. I’m not talking about being rash…take a more measured approach but do it anyway.

I must admit this is how I approach life. I make instant decisions, much to my husband’s consternation, leaving the ‘pro-ing and conning’ to him. He comes to the same conclusion as me a couple of days later!

It is necessary to believe in yourself and listen to your intuition, follow your feelings. Concentrate on the desired outcome. Too many people analyse something to death; they worry and sweat about it; trying to work out all the steps along the way, and then they lose the opportunity.

If it feels good, take the bull by the horns and do it! Believe in yourself. Life is all about experience and challenge.

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