Financial Freedom & Personal Responsibility

Article by Gary Keehner

Without financial freedom, you cannot lead the life you want. It’s that simple. Without financial freedom, you spend a very large amount of your time working to make somebody else rich. They have financial freedom; you don’t.

Your job may be very important, and it may help people; but you probably also have to do more of it than you would like, for you to sense that your life is somehow being harmed by spending so much time doing something you don’t, at times, want to be doing. If you don’t really want to do something, why would you tell yourself that it’s what you’re supposed to be doing? You don’t feel you deserve financial freedom; or you have swallowed the idea that it’s “irresponsible” to do what you want, when you want; or you’ve been led to believe that you just “don’t have what it takes” to be independently wealthy.

As long as you maintain all of these ideas that justify financial lack, you will just prove them right. It’s called a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. If you believe that you have to or it’s only right to slave away for somebody else for 40 years or more and then, when you finally “retire”, you can then have only a fraction of the income you had while you burned up enormous amounts of your time making somebody else rich, that’s precisely the life you’ll live out. But this sword cuts both ways: if you decide that you shouldn’t have to work forever for someone else; that your efforts should ultimately go to make YOU rich; that you deserve to be able to do what you want, when you want–this, too, will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You will be able to have what you desire for yourself and your family.

Change your attitude, and the whole universe changes. An attitude that says “I deserve to have financial freedom” immediately begins drawing that into reality.

You see, financial freedom is not about being irresponsible–it’s the polar opposite. With greater freedom always comes greater responsibility; and no matter what, whenever you lose freedom you lose responsibility, and if you abdicate any part of your true responsibility you will lose part of your freedom in direct proportion. To obtain financial freedom, you will have to really, deeply know what it is you truly most want to do, and you will need to see very clearly where you want to go. Get rid of your guilty feelings that say, “Well, I’m a sinner, so if I had the means to do whatever I most wanted to do, I’m sure I’d just spend all day and night partying, seeking sexual liaisons, making other people wait on me hand and foot”, and on and on.

You are indeed a sinner–because you DON’T have financial freedom. People who are financially free are giving more beautiful gifts into this world, producing more for all people, than anyone else is. And that’s part of what you most want to do, isn’t it?

Gary Keehner is an avid student of all things “personal growth” whose purpose is exposing as many people as possible to the life changing ideas and materials that have helped him to change his life.

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