Are My Feet Charred?

I walked on fire!

A little while ago I attended a weekend seminar in Auckland, run by Kurek Ashley, a well known “Life Success Coach” who is based in Brisbane, Australia. Kurek is the founder of the “Life Success Club” of which we became members. He’s a keynote speaker, runs seminars and provides mentoring amongst other things. Also he coached the Australian Women’s Volleyball team to Gold in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. In his old life Kurek was a Hollywood actor!

The course was all about empowering yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone. The 2 day course was very interesting and it culminated in a firewalk across 700 degree celcius coals! These coals are so hot that they could melt an engine block!

On the day of the firewalk we all watched with growing trepidation as a huge fire was prepared then left to burn all day until, by nightfall is was a mass of glowing white embers.

I couldn’t believe what I was about to do, yet when my turn arrived my fear disappeared. In a trance-like state I set out across the searing coals…they crunched underfoot and I could feel the immense heat radiating up onto my legs, but I didn’t get burnt! Next thing I remember was being stopped by a helper and having my feet hosed off to get rid of any loose coals that may have stuck between my toes.

What a blast! It was totally amazing. The soles of my feet were blackened but I didn’t get burnt! I certainly stepped outside my comfort zone!
Kurek also teaches people how to walk on razor sharp shards of glass…broken bottles etc My next challenge?

Contributed by my very daring husband!

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