Just as well Sheep Can’t Fly!

Photo by qiutip

A few years ago now my husband attended a ‘Masters of Business’ seminar in Auckland, and related to me the following amusing incident:

There were several high-powered speakers there including Mikhail Gorbachev, Norman Schwarzkopf , Al (Chainsaw)Dunlop and Kevin Trudeau amongst others.
Mid-way through the day, whilst Kevin Trudeau was speaking, a sparrow could be seen flying around the stage, tweeting.

Mikhail was next up and halfway through his presentation the bird seemed to be tiring and, looking for a good spot to rest, it spotted Mikhail’s shiny dome and landed on it, much to the audience’s hilarity!

Rather surprised, but without missing a beat Mikhail said (through his translator), “just as well it wasn’t a sheep”!

Strange but true!!!

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