Rich and Bored

Here is a snippet of an article that I spotted in the Sunday edition of the NZ Herald .

“He’s 26, good-looking and won more than a million bucks on Lotto, but Travis reckons he’s “bored as hell”.
“I got so bored the other day I thought maybe I could walk from Cape Reinga to Southland, just for something to do.”

Isn’t this a common scenario? Money obviously isn’t the answer. You must have a purpose, a passion to feel fulfilled. These lotto winners are going through the same transition that many recent retirees do. They are recent retirees, I guess!

What would you do if you won a lot of money (apart from the usual new house, new car etc)? Would you carry on working? Or perhaps quit your job and walk the length of the country to raise money for child cancer or some other worthy cause? Do you think it would change you?

Photo courtesy of RobW (Photo nothing to do with article. I just happen to like multi-million dollar boats!).
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