I Wanna Go Back To Work!

Retirement isn’t necessarily easy…

We thought it would be easy to retire. If someone questionned us …”what will you do?”…we would laugh at them and say “where do we begin?” We had a list of things a mile long.

Robert Kiyosaki of ‘Rich Dad’ fame, was advised to take a year off after he had sold his businesses. It took him six months before he was even ready to start the year off! Until that time he bumped around the house; hung out in the kitchen (his friends were at work) trying hard to do nothing…

Most people must go through this when they stop working. It’s difficult to do nothing after a lifetime of work. You need a purpose..

Now is the time to pick up Tim Ferris’ book “The Four Hour Work Week“. Tim says on the back cover of his book; “Warning: Do Not Read This Book Unless You Want To Quit Your Job”! Amongst other subject he talks about “Filling the Void”; -Adding Life after Subtracting Work.

While you’re reading, pick up William Bridges book “Transitions; Making Sense of Life’s Changes.” My husband found this book especially helpful as it explained how transitions are a normal part of life. Don’t fight them. Expect a period of turbulence with any major change, and realise that it won’t last forever.

Photo by ted.sali

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