For Kiwis’ Eyes Only

At last there is a decent New Zealand on-line bookstore; it’s called Fishpond You may have heard of it was established in 2004.

So, does this mean cheaper prices for us antipodeans??

To give you some idea of how it stacks up against the giant Amazon, I thought I’d compare the price of one of my favourite books from Robert Kiyosaki…”Retire Young Retire Rich”.

Amazon first: A new copy of RYRR was selling for NZD$18.51; standard shipping cost a huge NZD$15.12 which gives a grand total of NZD$33.63. If you spend NZD$12.79 more you get free standard shipping.

Fishpond: A new copy will cost you more @NZD$32.33 but shipping is only NZD$5.99 giving a total of NZD$38.32. Fishpond also has free shipping if you spend over NZD$50.00..

There’s a lot of difference in delivery time; 18 – 32 days for Amazon standard shipping (I recently ordered a book from Amazon and it would’ve taken all of that and more), whereas Fishpond you only have to wait 6 – 10 days. Your package doesn’t go via the North Pole like I’m sure my one did. 🙂

This comparison wasn’t very scientific and my maths aren’t that great! Prices change so it’s worth looking at both.

Happy reading!

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