The Life of a CEO

I am the Chief Executive Officer (aka The Boss) of our life.

Someone had to do it. If the job was left un-manned (or un-womanned in this case) who knows where we would end up. To get where you want to go you must have a plan; or you’ll be like a ship without a rudder, or a destination for that matter. No maps either.

Anyway, our goal is financial freedom.

As I am in charge of the overall plan, you won’t find gardening tips or ideas for school lunches here; I can’t knit or sew and I hate housework (Monty Python’s, ” You’re not even a proper woman!” springs to mind. You had to be there).

So, expect some gen on what we did, the books we read and other interesting stuff we learnt along the road, including motivational quotes. I look forward to your comments..

Are You the CEO of Your Own Life ?

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